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After a year of preparing and testing, the Camaro is complete and ready to go for the 2014 Season. Chris James and the crew worked hard all last year to get us to the point where we are ready to race! Our 1st unofficial laps testing at Mosport brought laps times close to the fastest we ever ran in the RX-7 and there is lots more available from the Camaro. We will be competing in regional road racing and some specific time attacks throughout Ontario this summer!

ABR is proud to welcome Champion Hi-Tech Lubricants as our sponsor and official supplier of all the vital racing fluids the Camaro will need to compete at the highest level! Also Real Results Sales Training has signed on to our High Performance Team

ABR has also registered to compete in the 1st Ontario 1500 Motorsport Adventure and will resurrect the The 1987 ABR Mustang for this challenge! For more information go to www.ontario1500.ca

Camaro pictures by Gumball Photography!

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The team principal and driver is Alan Balinsky. Alan is also the General Manager of Woodbine Toyota/Scion in Toronto Ontario.

Alan has been involved in motorsports since the age of 17. He has competed in everything from autocross and circuit racing to drag racing in the last 34 years. ABR currently races in the Ontario GT Sprint circuit racing series. The Ontario GT Sprint series compete at Mosport International Raceway in Ontario, Canada.

Alan has signed on with DriveTeq.ca for 2014 as one of their advanced driving coaches. DriveTeq.ca is one of Canada's premier driver coaching programs and ABR is proud to be a member of their team! Alan has committed to the following dates for 2014. May 20th at Mosport GP track, June 15th at Mosport's New DDT track, July 20th at the DDT and October 9th at Mosport GP track! Hope to see many of you their!

Our biggest victory was the 2009 BEMC Spring Trophy races where we started last (40th) in the field of the first race of the day. We moved up 20 positions in the 20 minute race and started the afternoon race 20th overall and 3rd in class, finishing 12th overall and 1st in class. The organizers had decided that the Spring Trophy would go to the largest class which was our class GT4. The "Spring or Dunlop" Trophy has been around since 1950 and has some of the great Canadian racers such as Bill Brack, Eppie Wietzes and Richard Spinard as winners of this most prestigious trophy! Truly this was our proudest moment as a team to date.

Having started a new job with Woodbine Toyota in December 2009 left us little time to compete in 2010, 2011 and 2012 at which point we sold the RX7. After a year and a half of preparing the Camaro we are ready to attack the track again!

ABR also raises money for The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto and the Make A Wish Foundation, through various on track events and ride alongs each year.



The team is directed by crew chief Chris (Coneman) James. His knowledge, patience and countless hours have made ABR the success it is today! Chris has overseen all modifications done since the purchase of the original RX-7.

Now moving onto the Camaro the team of Chris James, Curtis James and Kris Dickson perform all the fabrication and race day preparations and race setup, and have been an integral part of the team since its inception. Kris Dickson has done an amazing job of repairing the chassis, building a new exhaust system and seat mounts, and installing the Carbon Fiber dash for the Camaro!

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New for 2014 are Champion Hi-Tech Lubricants, Real Results Sales Training, and Dealer Profit Maximizers! Champion will be supplying all the motor and gear oils and their 600 Series Racing brake fluid. We are proud to welcome a great company like Champion to our winning team! Real Results Sales Training are a top flight proven company that works with major corporations to ensure they have a top notch results oriented sales team! Dealer Profit Maximizers work with automotive dealerships to ensure that your customer satisfaction levels and sales and service staff are able to maximize your profit potential!

Going on our 5th year together ABR wishes to welcome back sponsors NGK Spark Plugs, Mazmark Auto, Rytech X-ray and Millenium Graphics provides all the artwork and graphics. Fourway Auto Body is back and they keep the #01 Camaro looking good!



The Camaro is actually quite a rare find, it is one of 135 factory built 1LE Camaro's for 1994. Total 1LE production for the 4th generation Camaro (1993-2002) was only 464! The 1LE package for 1994 consisted of Koni Shocks, stiffer suspension bushings, stiffer springs, larger sway bars, heavy duty oil cooler, fog light delete option, the LT1 5.7 litre engine with heavy duty cooling and the T56 6-speed trans. Air conditioning was not available on 1LE cars until later years. Also rare on 1LE cars was the ability to have the roof painted body color instead of black like other Camaro's of its year.

The car was orginally built by Trac Motorsports and competed in the Michelin Endurance series, and was later run by Steve Kent in various regional race series including the Touring GT series.